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Episode 11: Creating Your Reality

January 05, 2021 Jessi Hoey Episode 11
The Holistic Hippie Podcast
Episode 11: Creating Your Reality
Show Notes

Happy New Year friends! This episode came out after a comment on an IG post I put up this week all about how we are constantly creating & influencing our reality, whether we realize it or not. A comment came up about how "you make it sound so easy, but it's actually really hard work" and I thought that was such a perfect segway into an episode. 

This episode is all about simplifying the process of manifesting your reality. As always, I share personal stories about my experiences with manifesting to help add depth to this very simplistic Universal Law. The trick about it is that you have to master your mind first and this is where the "work" is. I hope to inspire you to take your life into your own hands and start the practice of learning to master your mind so that you may master your reality. Life is a game - let's play!

Suggested Reading:
Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself - Dr. Joe Dispenza
The Biology of Belief - Dr. Bruce Lipton

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