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Episode 14: The Healing Journey

February 06, 2021
The Holistic Hippie Podcast
Episode 14: The Healing Journey
Show Notes

What exactly is healing? What does it mean to heal and what do we need to heal from? There are so many buzzwords going around in the health & wellness industries, and a friend asked me recently "what does it even mean to heal?". I thought this was such a great question to unpack on the pod. This episode goes over the definition of "trauma" and unpacks different situations and scenarios that one may need to heal from. Healing itself is not a linear process and there is no one modality that is a "cure-all". Sometimes our very need to heal creates a quest for us to venture on that actually opens us up to our purpose and path in this life. Any physical or emotional conditions are merely symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease in the mind or body, and it is ultimately the body's attempt at getting our attention so that we can bring our being back into balance & harmony. 

Resources mentioned:
Dr. Nicole LePera (Psychologist) IG: @the.holistic.psychologist
Dr. Bruce Lipton (book) The Biology of Belief
Dr. Joe Dispenza (book) You Are The Placebo

Appologies for coughing into the mic at the end of this episode - I promise when I am able to devote more time and resources into this podcast I will learn to edit. 

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